holding diamondsMeet Alex Otieno – successful businessman, happily married with kids, goes to church every Sunday, and drives a gleaming Toyota 4×4.
Every evening on his way back home, he stops by the “Simmers” bar for a drink. It’s been his favorite bar since university days.

Ah, the open air Simmers bar, located bang in the heart of downtown Nairobi.
When the sun shines it pretends to be an up market bar – but turns delightfully seedy as darkness falls.
Sweet n’ loose women hiss nasty little secrets from dark corners;
tiresome Euro-trash hits make way for Kenyan hiphop and ndombolo;
torpid waiters transform into bouncers who look like game show hosts;

somber discussions are replaced by the frenzy of free-flowing alcohol, and the gyrations of nubile hips and buttocks.
It’s a bottom-feeder’s Shangri-La.

But, Alex isn’t in Simmers for any of its off-the-rack delights – he usually leaves before sunset.