Is A Water Softener A Necessity For Every Home?


Many consider water softeners to be an unnecessary expense. If you are experiencing the negative effects of hard water today opt for a water softener. If you notice scum in teapot, this is an indicator of the negative effects of hard water. Briefly outlined is one of the best water softener reviews that gives us a detailed view on hard water, the effect and remedy.

What is hard water?

This is water containing a high amount of magnesium and calcium minerals. Both of the minerals are high in the periodic table and incapable of taking other ions. When introducing detergents into the hard water, they take much longer to dissolve or lather when in the shower. The minerals block ions present in the soap.

When hard water goes through the water system, the metallic buildup results in a breakdown. Other adverse effects of hard water are clogged pipes and faded dinnerware. There are also increased cases of failing heating appliances.

Why use water softeners?

2Your mirrors, glassware, and silverware become shinier. The water softeners eradicate the accumulation of scum covering your utensils. As a result, we end up with beautiful and polished cutlery and crockery. Soft water does not leave streaks and residues on the dishes or glasses. This gives the perfect sparkle after rinsing.

Soft water reduces the scatter of lime scale deposits around the home. Soap forms bubbles and lather during the cleaning process. The scum on the taps disappears after a few days once you switch to soft water. Kitchen and bathroom surfaces will be able to reflect their brighter side.

Using soft clothes

When your clothes dry up after washing with hard water, you will notice soap streaks. The effects on the quality of the material from wool and linen lessen with time. Water softeners improve your cloth fabrics keeping them brighter.

Care for your hair and skin

The beauty products and cleansers will be ineffective if used with hard water. If you were using the skin products to take care of a skin condition, you might not get the intended results. The best way to flush out bacteria and toxins from the skin is through soft water. Water softeners assist in building up lather leaving behind no residue once rinsed off. Your skin eventually remains glossier when using shower products. Soft water opens up the clogged pores in your scalp untangling your hair. After making the switch, you will notice that you spend much less shampoo.

Long life span for your appliances

The quality of your home appliances diminishes with hard water. Coffee makers, water heaters, laundry washing machines, boilers, and humidifiers are greatly affected, lowering their life spans. The scale deposits act as the perfect insulators which block out the heat transfers. Eventually, your devices become less prone to repair.

Lengthen the life of your plumbing system

3Homes where hard water runs through the plumbing system, experience frequent breakdowns. Most households and companies install an efficient water softening systems that break down hard water in the supply system. This saves them a great deal on future plumbing repair costs.

Septic Tank Maintenance Tips


Improper maintenance of the home’s safety tank can jeopardize your health safety, environment as well as finances. Blockages, leaks, and buildup of sludge in the tank can contaminate your groundwater, the soil and water bodies in the neighborhood. You need to constantly maintain your septic tank to make sure it is in good shape

Maintenance tips for your home septic tank

Drain the field and protect the tank


Safeguarding the tank from physical damages can ensure the tank’s longevity. Avoid planting any plants other than grass around the septic tank. The roots of the trees can damage your septic system. It is advisable also not to operate heavy machinery next to the tank. Do not build structures or sheds above your septic system.

Be careful with what you put inside

Whatever goes into the septic system plays a major role in the proper operation of the tank. The system is made of microorganisms whose work is treating organic waste. Ensure therefore that you do not make their job tougher by adding anything to your septic tank which may hamper the ability of breakdown. If there are more solid waste in the tank, your septic tank will pump more.

Avoid heavy duty cleaners

Using heavy duty cleaners excessively can kill the microorganisms that break down wastes. Extermination of these useful bacteria can cause improper breakdown of solid wastes. This is detrimental to your septic tank.

Regular maintenance

Solid wastes in the septic system should be pumped out on a regular basis. The septic tank should be pumped out every three years to ensure it last longer. Never try to open the septic tank on your own as it is full of poisonous bacteria and gases.

Keep away rain water from your drain field

plumbingrightsdfghjkWhen the drain becomes soggy, it can cause absorption or neutralization of liquid wastes to be improper. Settle for roof gutters, and foundation drains and landscaping to divert extra water from your septic drain field. this way you minimize the amount of extra water going into the septic tank.

Maintaining your septic tank will ensure that it has a long life and gives you good service. You may need to hire a professional if you want to open your septic system for pumping. These tips can help you maintain your home septic system. Take note of these points even when you hire a professional to help you with doing your septic system maintenance.


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Ah, the open air Simmers bar, located bang in the heart of downtown Nairobi.
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